It is not a must to have a passport for you to explore and enjoy the warm, sunny weather and exciting features in the equatorial region. It is possible for United States citizens to travel to the following tropical U.S territories using a driver’s license only.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is the only American tropical island with a full statehood. It is one of the most popular destination and receives a large number of tourists from different parts of the world each year. It comprises of six islands which feature glistening beaches, volcanic landscapes, sunny days, and crystal-clear waters all year round.

  • American Samoa

The American Samoa comprises of six Polynesian islands which are part of the United States tropical territory. If you are seeking some respite and peace from the normal beach getaways, the American Samoa is a good choice. The guy who does occasional tree removal Peoria AZ for my rental properties comes here once a year. Spend some time away from the working world hanging around at the beach and discovering the jungle in these tropical islands.

  • The United States Virgin Islands

The United States acquired these territories from the Danish rule in 1917. They include St, John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. These islands have a history of European settlers, Indians, and Slaves from Africa. Visit the U.S Virgin Islands and learn their complicated past as you enjoy the weather and other activities such as swimming and diving.

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico lies in a pocket of water between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean about two and half hours from Miami. The Island features tropical rain forests, beaches, and a mountainous interior which make it one of the best places you can ever travel to.

  • Northern Mariana Islands

These islands have much to offer from music, food, to cultural dance which enjoying the sun on the tropical beaches. You can travel to the Northern Mariana Islands without a passport.